Weird Baby Experiments

Published on July 31st, 2012 by

Weird Baby Experiments by researchers. Isn’t this baby the cutest baby ever! lol

Durham University is hoping to recruit 40 babies of natural birth no more than 10 weeks old.

The harmless test will compare how different babies learn to how to do things like walking. Some babies will be subjected to watching other people walk while other babies will not. This type of research couldhelp us understand just how much babies learn by seeing others.

If you have any babies, or plan on having some real soon, MAYBE you want to have them participate in this research, link to the full article below.

This story is very new still and I haven’t found any comments about this online, so if you have any feel free to leave them below.

Extraordinary images show five month old being wired up for autism research at top university

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